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Esat TvESAT TELEVISION, often known as New Horn TV, is the primary unbiased Ethiopian satellite tv for pc service tasked to produce accurate and balanced information and data, in addition to other entertainment, sports activities and cultural programming created for and by Ethiopians.

Why you may ask. You do not suppose they know? For certain, they are gloating over with happiness, and they might have loved to inform the whole world that ESAT has failed. They aren’t doing it now, for we might know who precisely is responsible for the so referred to as failure – jamming. The criminal mind of theirs is lying low as if they do not know and are usually not answerable for this (temporary) outage.

Hagerachen ke ende Meles aynetu zeregna yeteshale molutuotal. Bezihich hager rasun masayet yemichel ahun Woyane bicha new. lelaw bisera enkwan tefokakari yehonal teblo minm ashangulit ena buchula hono bisera yebareral weyum yehone qen yewaredal ende Melaku. Beselam lela yezerachew sew sigegn Weyane milequt ende yesenedoch mizgeba yirga aynetu nachew. Ezih hager fithm yelem dagna siqeta President tebiye weyane qitat yanesal. Gena gud yesemal behageru.

simot new yemetwedut ye Eth. hizb yegermegnal abso dehaw eyerabew yeferal wedenefesebet manefes bech weyanen yansalegn eyale egziabeheren siascheger norena ahun eresto lemen anesahew eyale egziabeheren yamareral yegziabeheren alama yemiyawk manem yelem wey Le Ethiopia yeteshale neger lewt lemamtat lihon yechlal belen enaseb esti neger hulu lebego new. sew yemut aybalem lemanegnawem hulachenem mot yezen newna yemenguazew ye Egziabheren neger gen atersu betekem becha atetalelu hodachehunena melasachehun astarkut atalaznu hezboch.

ESAT TV is a big joke! they are just a group of loser Neftegnas and Woulnded Derge Troopers who bark 24/7 non STOP in opposition to Tigrayan ESAT TV is controld by an Eritrean man referred to as wdei Hagos and by Birhanu Negadi! Most of the ppl who worck on Esat Tv don’t know they’re just takin order and talkin For Cash. and U prefer it or Not soooon very sooon ESAT TV will closed for everrrrrrrrrrrr!!

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