Satellite Tv – What You need to Know

Satellite Tv – What You need to Know

Within the last 10 years, more than 27 million men and women have switched from cable and over-the-air Tv to satellite Television. But is satellite Television genuinely that substantially greater?

Let’s learn …

Satellite Tv

Satellite Tv is a television program whereby a broadcast center sends a signal containing Tv applications to a satellite in orbit above the earth.

The satellite captures the signal and sends it back to earth, exactly where it’s picked up by a satellite dish and relayed to a Tv set.

As a way to get a satellite Television signal, you should have a satellite program — a dish to capture the signal, in addition to a receiver to unscramble the signal and send it to your tv.

Satellite Television History

In 1962, the initial satellite Tv signal was sent from Europe to North America employing the Telstar satellite. The very first industrial satellite, Early Bird, was launched in 1965, and the Satellite Television reception in the U.S. started in 1980.

Early satellite Television systems had been high priced, costing anyplace from $2,000 to $10,000. The dishes were big — 10 to 12 feet in diameter — as well as the receivers and antenna rotators were bulky and difficult.

In 1994 the first DBS (direct broadcast satellite) was put into orbit, issuing within the era with the mini-dish and the slim-line receiver, making it possible for any individual, even apartment renters, and condo owners, to have satellite Tv.

Satellite Television Providers

There are two big satellite Tv providers inside the U.S.A — DIRECTV and DISH Network.


With 14.5 million prospects, DIRECTV is the oldest and biggest satellite Tv provider in the USA.

DIRECTV is ranked #2 in client satisfaction among all satellite and cable Tv firms by J.D. Power and Associates.

DIRECTV Gives The Following Gear And Solutions:

* A free satellite Television system — one dish and four receivers.

* Free installation and instruction on applying for the program.

* 250 channels with digital-quality picture and sound.

* 500 commercial-free movies per month.

* As much as 67 pay-per-view applications and events each day.

* 67 commercial-free XM radio channels.

* Toll-free, 24/7 customer service.

DIRECTV gives probably the most sports programming on the two satellite television providers.

DISH Network

With more than 12 million shoppers, DISH Network would be the second-oldest satellite Tv provider and maybe the fastest-growing provider.

DISH Network is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among all the satellite and cable Tv firms by J.D. Energy and Associates.

DISH Network Delivers The Following Gear And Solutions:

* A Free of charge satellite Tv technique — one particular dish and 4 receivers.

* Free installation and satellite Television method instruction.

* 256 channels with digital-quality picture and sound.

* 500 commercial-free films a month.

* As much as 60 pay-per-view applications and events each day.

* 50 commercial-free Sirius radio channels and 52 music channels.

* Toll-free, 24/7 customer service.

DISH Network has the most significant wide variety of motion pictures and shows from the two satellite television providers, and gives the cheapest standard service package.

Satellite Television Dealers

You’ll find greater than 80 online dealers and a huge number of offline dealers across the U.S.A.

Some dealers are reputable and can give you a sincere deal, but several dealers will lure you into subscribing to their service, then hit you with hidden charges, provide you with shoddy installation, and give you zero customer support.

Before you subscribe to a satellite Television service, You ought to study their service agreement cautiously and contact their customer support to clarify something that isn’t clear to you.

Note: Click around the hyperlinks below for details on dealers that are respected and give the top service at the best price.

Satellite Tv Added benefits

The primary benefit of having satellite Tv service is it is possible to access as many as 375 channels of Tv programming. That gives you a lot more viewing choices than cable or over-the-air Tv.

In addition to normal Television programming, satellite Tv makes it possible for you to tune into pay-per-view motion pictures and special events, and to listen to greater than 100 channels of commercial-free music on satellite radio.

One more benefit of satellite Tv will be the good quality of the Television picture. Satellite Television is broadcast in digital format which produces a super-sharp picture. Moreover, you have got the selection of ordering HD (higher definition) Television for a much more lifelike picture.

A different advantage is the capacity to record your favored applications and to pause or fast-forward live Tv utilizing a DVR (digital video recorder).

Last, but not least, you get all the equipment you must view satellite Tv, like installation, completely free.


When you have over-the-air Tv and never watch substantially tv then satellite Tv in all probability is not for you.

If having said that, you watch a great deal of Television or you’ve cable Television, then I propose clicking around the links below to find out what satellite Television has to present.

With more than 375 channels to select from plus satellite radio, pay-per-view, motion pictures, and programming packages beginning at less than a dollar each day, you cannot go wrong with satellite Tv.

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