• The In-House Research Stage in Developing Markets
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    The In-House Research Stage in Developing Markets

    image source As mentioned in earlier articles, the market research task was not easy in some of the developed markets where I worked. Often, I was faced with minimal and outdated information. In this article, I will introduce the first market research approach we used in those markets which I call: The in-house stage. As the name implies, the research was based on internally developed methodology. The regular approach of systematic gathering and interpretation of information by using statistical and analytical methods and techniques reflected how our company understands the market. Because of our belief that mobile telecom was a necessity in those markets we did not need detailed researches.…

  • The Place of VoIP Within the Telecom Industry
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    The Place of VoIP Within the Telecom Industry

    image source VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is considered a growth market for 2009 and beyond. The very recent technology has grown exponentially and according to a report in 2008, 50% of the world’s telecom traffic is over the Internet. Furthermore, sales from the VoIP equipment alone topped the $3 million mark. Needless to say the place of VoIP within the telecom industry is well and truthfully secure with a forecast of 135 million subscribers by 2011. Competition for this market share is now almost inevitably frantic and the top six most powerful leaders are: Charter Communications (Cable Company)Cablevision (Cable Company)Time Warner Cable, Inc (Cable Company)Comcast (Cable Company)Skype (Pure…