How Can I Cut My Office Expenses?

You’ve started a business or you have been in business for some time. You want to cut or manage your expenses wherever possible as long as quality doesn’t suffer and your bottom line benefits. But how can you manage this?

One way to manage/reduce office expenses is to consider using online office supply discounters whose offerings cover basic office furniture as well as the usual copier paper, pens and paper clips. You can easily save anywhere from 30-80% depending on the mix of products you choose.

A second route to cutting those office expenses is to use online discount telecom service providers for your phone calls – local, national and international – as well as for your fax needs.

A third area where you could cut those office expenses such as furnishings, computers and office machines is to check out government auctions or any local office furniture and electronic equipment discounters available in your area.

If you have ever been hired to work for a company or when you visit someone’s office, you tend to take the availability of paper clips, copier paper, toner and ball point pens as a given. Of course, desks, chairs, telephones, computers, and fax machines are only to be expected. For the business owner, this availability is a huge expense which needs to be managed so that profits are maximized. With a little foresight and planning, these expenses can be managed. It will, of course, require doing some local price comparison shopping first. But, it’ll pay off in the long run.

We’ll look at the characteristics of a good office supply discounter first:

Ideally, the discounter’s offerings should include, but not be limited to, chairs, desks, credenzas, paper goods, pens, toner, and mailing/shipping supplies, etc. One-stop shopping is a huge time saver and … Read the rest

I Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition Is in: Telecom Questions You Need to Ask

I may be dating myself, but this ole Kenny Rodgers song has some good advice for responsible persons in charge of your companies wireless environments bottom line. In the event that you just dropped in, would you have the tools in place and the expertise readily available to both decipher your companies wireless situation and be able to really determine what condition your wireless condition is in?

Anyone who has taken on the task to remodel a room has learned quickly that without the right tools the job takes 10 times longer than needed. With attention to detail you may get the right result. However, the amount of time that it took was completely unnecessary. How many times have you said to yourself (while in the middle of such a project), “This is ridiculous!”

Without the right tools combined with the best practices, your Telecom Management staff struggle long and hard to achieve their current results. In some cases they struggle just to keep your telecom services operational without even being able to really get to the bottom of knowing your wireless environments true condition.

If you were to just drop in to see what condition your wireless condition is in, would you be able to find the answers to such questions as these:

– What are you being invoiced for?

– Is all of your telecom information in one central location?

– How many times a year is your telecom invoices audited?

– Are you taking advantage of all possible available discounts?

– Do your audits of invoices frequently result in finding errors?

– How long does it take to audit and process your telecom invoices?

– What are the total costs of telecom expenditures across your entire company?

– What percentage of your telecom invoices are … Read the rest