Hd Tv Antennahad some 12 guage romex wire but you should use extra coat hanger wire or actually any stiff wire you’ve gotten readily available to do the hookup.

Yes, I see where it says that. Truly, it would not matter for signal integrity. If someone had been to use bare wires then it would be vital that they do not touch which might be why I added it years ago. If yours are coated by insulation then they can contact, mine do. It shouldn’t make any difference. Thanks for clarifying though. Another person may need the identical query.

You may test the sign strength of your local stations at /mb/engineering/dtvmaps/ This Web page will enable you to find out whether you remained within the protection area of your native stations once they started broadcasting in digital. In addition, for consumers who might wish to purchase outdoor antennas, information on the suitable kind of outside antenna for your location can be obtained at Note that the type of antenna needed at a particular location could range relying on geographic location, the peak at which the antenna is used, the presence of nearby constructions and other native components.

After your outdoors scanner antenna is put in, use a multi-meter and check between the center conductor of the coax and the outside connector for a short. You should use both the Ohm setting or the beeping continuity tester on your meter to do this. You should not have any crossover between the two elements of the antenna cable in case your antenna is installed properly.

This long vary digital outdoor HD TV antenna has been known to pick up stations which might be around one hundred fifty miles away. We’ve got had clients call and inform us how completely satisfied they were with their antenna as a result of they have been capable of decide up stations up to 150 miles away. We’ve even had customers tell us they have been able to pick up US broadcasts from Canada. So we are very confident that this antenna will work for you. This is why we now have the 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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