Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (2)

Session Initiation ProtocolSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an software-layer control protocol that can set up, modify, and terminate multimedia sessions (conferences). A session is considered as an alternate of knowledge between an affiliation of contributors, comparable to Web telephony calls and video telephony. SIP is ready to help multicast conferences with greater than two individuals. Members may be invited to already present classes. Media can be added to (and faraway from) an present session.

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SIP devices communicate (usually) on UDP port 5060. When one machine desires to start out a call to a different, it sends an INVITE message. Included in that is the SDP, session description protocol, which explains precisely what form the data will take (audio/video/and so on, what codec, and so on). After they agree and are ready to start out exchanging media (information), RTP (realtime transport protocol) is used to really trade the information. RTP capabilities on any range of ports, that are assigned to every endpoint. The endpoints negotiate and choose acceptable ports on either side.

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