Session Initiation Protocol And Session Description Protocol

Session Initiation ProtocolSIP (see RFC 2543) was initially standardized by the Multiparty Multimedia Session Management (mmusic) (see /html.charters/ ) working group within the IETF Transport area. Because the work had grown, a specialised SIP working group was created (see /html.charters/ ).

This header is used to convey charging related information, such as the globally unique IMS charging identifier (ICID) worth. A proxy COULD embrace this header, if not already present, in either the initial request or response for a dialog, or in the request and response of a standalone transaction outside a dialog. Just one instance of the header SHOULD be current in a selected request or response.

SRI (Ship Routing information) As an choice, the gsmSCF may decide the MSRN of the served subscriber by sending the SendRoutingInfo operation (including the gsmSCF Initiated Name parameter) to HLR. In the HLR this is handled in an analogous method as an SRI from a GMSC. The HLR responds with an SRI-ACK containing the roaming number. The gsmSCF can indicate to the HLR that incoming call barring, name diversion, and the VT-CSI should be suppressed for this name.

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The MAP call handling procedures are used to retrieve routing data to deal with a mobile-terminated name, to switch the control of a call again to the GMSC if the decision is to be forwarded, to retrieve and to transfer information between the anchor MSC and the relay MSC for inter-MSC group calls/broadcast calls, to handle reporting of MS status for call completion services, and to handle notification of remote person free for Completion of Calls to Busy Subscribers (CCBS).

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