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Introduction To Building Information Modeling Virtual Design and Construction is the other term for Building Information Modeling which digitizes a building structure as well as its different features and attributes. When it comes to the BIM design process, a draft is created regarding the information database of a specific building which will become the basis of the whole work process. There are three parts of the BIM design process which are: Building
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It starts from designing then operation and lastly the demolition
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Information Which is the gathering of data for the features or attributes of the building and saved on the database Modeling It includes building simulation, delivery and even operation with the right tools to digitize the building BIM design process takes advantage of 3D building renderings to maximize the efficiency of the whole building process. This is vital in synchronizing the different aspects including the design of the building, construction as well as building management. With the different departments constantly updating the information database, errors can be avoided and the necessary changes can be adopted. BIM design process perfectly assists engineers throughout the whole building process which includes planning, construction and building management. In other words, engineers are now relying on BIM design process whenever they have a construction project. The biggest appeal of BIM design process is it is cost-effective and the whole building process is efficient due to digitizing the different areas of the building. With BIM, engineers can further understand the building process, simulate the performance and even enables them to document the project easily. BIM also removes the errors in a construction caused by data loss or repetition, poor communication and translation. BIM consulting services recommend that BIM should be used from the start of planning, construction and even up to the demolition of the facility. As great as BIM design process is, you can still find several construction companies not using this process in any of their construction projects. It might be due to their insistence of getting solid proof when it comes to the returns of investment. Nonetheless, there are also a lot of construction companies which are now considering BIM design process for their projects. The different data from each of their construction projects can be feed into the database which can serve as a basis for future projects. Meanwhile, any virtual prototype created and used through BIM design process in the project is owned by the construction company and they can use it in any of their future construction projects. This saves a lot of time, effort and money for the construction company while also allowing them to further improve their efficiency while eliminating errors they encountered in the past. Finally, always remember that a construction company with a BIM design process is a big plus in any construction project.

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