Many Ethiopian Migrants Claiming As Eritreans Are Dying On Lampedusa Boat Accidents

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ESAT report no less than 1,500 have been injured and to date over 5,000 arrested (in Oromia alone), together with Bekele Gerba, deputy chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Oromia’s largest legally registered political celebration and his son. Senior members of the OFC, as well as members of other opposition events and their households, have also been imprisoned; scores extra people are harassed, their homes searched. Performing on behalf of an unaccountable authorities, security forces are on a mission of wanton destruction of human lives and properties”.

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Two weeks in the past, the Ethiopian opposition activist and journalist, Abebe Gellaw, made a voice recording when he spoke with Rachel White, and released the recording to ESAT on August 13th. Within the recording, White states that the College had in actual fact canceled the award program meant for the prime minster of Ethiopia based mostly on data gathered from the US State Department’s Human Rights Report , and other news popping out of Ethiopia.” The voice recording also reaffirms that the college canceled this system because human rights are crucial to Azusa Pacific College, and that God is first” of their establishment.

The Tigrean ethnic group makes up a mere 6% of the countries 95 million inhabitants, but the TPLF (or Weyane as they are commonly referred to as) and their cohorts dominate the government, the senior navy, the judiciary, and, based on Genocide Watch, intend to internally colonize the country”. A claim that the ethnic Somalis living within the Ogaden area, as well as the folks of Amhara and Oromia, all of whom are subjected to appalling ranges of persecution, would agree with.

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