Ginbot 7 Resumes Preventing In opposition to TPLF

Esat TvTurning 30 means you’re getting into a part in life the place you’re wiser, extra snug in your own skin, and may lastly apply for jobs that aren’t merely entry level. In other words, your brain, your confidence, and your paycheck are getting larger and better. It would appear then, that turning 30 is extra of a celebratory occasion than a purpose to fall into despair.

Hadaba Xubnaha OYSU ee barnaamijkan ka qeyb galay ayaa si waadix ah uga jawaabay su’aashaas iyaga oo matina ku qanciyay. A1,A1R,A2,A3,AM1,AM2,AM3,AM4,AM4R,AM5,AM6,AM7,AM8,AM11,AM22,AM33,AM44,AT1,AT2,MD1,MD2 እነዚ በሙሉ Categorical የሚለዉን ከፊት በማስቀደም ነው የሚጠሩት. ESAT reporters are also expected to conduct a sequence of interviews with excessive ranking Eritrean officials. Please everyone, who imagine in God, being OPTIMISTIC will save our NATION,which can not be given for ethnic.

Despite the fact that most people unknowingly name Afaan Oromoo Langugae as ‘Oromiffa/Oromigna’, It is appropriate and standardized use is Afaan Oromoo Language not Oromiffa/Oromigna. And I personally wish to problem you to make this proper at begin, ESAT Board and its member to think about correcting the program title. With a view to overcoming the jamming by the Meles regime, ESAT’s management decided to transmit ESAT’s programmes on multiple platforms. ESAT’s shortwave radio broadcasts, which may have a major attain to the people of Ethiopia, will probably be one other addition to ESAT’s efforts to reverse the knowledge blackout created by the Meles Zenawi regime.

Dear lover of Meles what’s your destiny now? As a result of he is dead now.Please believe in Jesus because he isn’t like Meles he is the one one victory on loss of life! the particular person you tring to kill them,they’ve love young kids,think about be one household in minim it have for about how many children they’ll saffer? killing one particular person isn’t the way you we see in midea you attempt to make higher Ethiopian.

Here is what the Atlanta fantasy group ought to have read earlier than they dismissed the blood of innocent Amhara instead of Welcoming genocidal group and their guards as guards of human rights. if you are a type of concerned what’s going to occur to Eritrea after the demise of ISAYAS AFEWORKI here is a beautiful piece written by some body very clever. Hadaba OYSU UK ayaa Ka qeyb qaatay Barnaamijka TV-gan oo looga hadlay arrimo badan gaar ahaan Qaxootiga Somalida Ogadeniya iyo tacadiyada Gumeysiga ethiopia ku hayso shacabka Ogadeniya ee gumeysiga Itoobiya ku hoos jira.

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