Worcester Telegram & Gazette Acquired By Gatehouse Dad or mum (2)

Worcester TelegramThe Worcester Telegram & Gazette newspaper will change fingers for the second time in less than a 12 months after its Florida-primarily based mum or dad firm was purchased Thursday by the New Media Investment Group.

Since their election, Lauren McLoughlin and Kara Donovan have ignored acceptable established hiring protocols. They have seldom established search committee for key leadership positions. On the uncommon occasion that a search committee is actually established, their suggestions are dismissed. Such was the case with the latest principal of the brand new middle/high school. After a search committee consisting of many stakeholders really helpful three finalists to serve as the sixth principal in two years, a candidate that was interviewed, and never really helpful as a finalist, was chosen to steer the school. A candidate that lacked any administrative at these grade ranges.

A lot of these yahoos I’ve seen are pointing to the fact that Cliven Bundy and his ragtag posse of proper wing extremist followers have been basically allowed to level guns on the government at his ranch again in April. They had been additionally all white. I am a hundred% with the hippies on this one. It is absolute bullshit and a double standard that these a-holes have been able to get away with what they did as a result of they hid behind a Do not Tread on Me” flag and whined in regards to the second modification.

Get the hell out of my face with that jive. Cliven Bundy is a terrorist and he’s capable of get away with what he does largely as a result of he is white. If he was a black man he’d be dead by now. Nicely, really HE wouldn’t be dead. He’s the white Al Sharpton. A number of of his idiotic followers could be useless though. I feel the federal government ought to’ve Waco-ed the shit out of Cliven Bundy and his band of rednecks. This is a group of savages who attacked legislation enforcement officers, aimed weapons at law enforcement officials, and threatened to place ladies and kids on the front traces in the event that they were sieged by the army with the intention to discredit the federal government.

I miss the previous T&G” with its know nothing commenters. That was real entertainment. Properly well worth the ZERO subscription price. The commenters were higher than the reporters who wouldn’t know a truth if it kicked them in the a$$. Similar to Womag. Sorry – its true guys. You are worse than the T&G together with your twisted LAPTOP propaganda.

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