Wireless TelegraphyIn November, 1897, Marconi and Mr. Kemp rigged up a stout mast at the Needles on the Isle of Wight, one hundred twenty feet high, and supported a wire from the top by an insulated fastening. Then, having related the lower end of this wire with a transmitter, they put out to sea in a tugboat, taking with them a receiving-instrument related to a wire that hung from a sixty-foot mast. Their object was to see at what distance from the Needles they might get signals. For months, through storm and gale, they kept at this work, leaving the Needles farther and farther behind them as details in the instruments had been improved, till by the New Yr they have been capable of get indicators clear throughout to the mainland. Forthwith a permanent station was arrange there-first at Bournemouth, fourteen miles from the Needles, however subsequently moved to Poole, eighteen miles.

I adore it that you’re telling your story here on HubPages. There may be nothing better than a primary-hand account of historic occasions. Your writing is prime-notch and clear. I loved this Hub very much. This exact cultural aspect, nevertheless,has not turn into encysted. Racism has not managed to … Read the rest