Worcester TelegramYa got that everyone? According the Telegram and Gazette, your native newspaper” truly allowed this garbage to be printed in the present day. My buddy Clive right here doesn’t even try to skate across the challenge. He just flat out says it – the NYPD hates black folks and thinks their lives are disposable as a result of they need protesters to chill out for three or four days. And other people marvel why Worcester County is fleeing the Telegram and Gazette in droves to come back to Turtleboy Sports. Because nobody wants to learn hateful rubbish like that on Christmas Eve.

Apply for small enterprise awards and contests by corporations, skilled associations, and government. This recognition will get you attention by your clients in addition to potential clients that won’t know you exist. Winning an award often will get you requests from other media who wish to publish your story. It also builds your credibility. Third grade theology? Why does the T&G print this drivel? At least he wasn’t supporting the Biblical account.

And now it comes all the way down to Martha Coakley to stop the madness, to prevent in any other case pretty good individuals from further … Read the rest

Worcester TelegramConcert review of the St. Lawrence String Quartet at Brooks Corridor. Revealed in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette (), 20 February 2016.

Fossil proof shows marine fossils in great portions on mountain tops all over the world; speedy burial and mineralization — exactly the situations produced by a common flood; no transitional species fossils; and a geologic column exhibiting little or no erosion with polystrate fossils — superior species showing beneath the simpler species from which they supposedly developed.

In contrast to the Globe’s new print-oriented Friday Capital section , which covers politics, the Catholic website can be aimed each at and well past Boston with nationwide and worldwide audiences in mind. It should have a world viewers. There is a pure audience for it,” Globe chief executive officer Mike Sheehan mentioned in a just-published interview with CommonWealth magazine editor (and former Globe reporter) Bruce Mohl.

In January, 2006, the Paris Cinema was closed down by the authorities and has sat empty ever since, awaiting the wrecking ball, however Preservation Worcester has been attempting to reserve it from this fate. The theater was once the satisfaction of Worcester. Inside, much of the unique architectural splendor continues to be there, though … Read the rest