Interpretations Of The Hopi Prophecy (3)

Wireless TelegraphyOne of many final prophecies suggests the hippies, which was a short lived movement when social tendencies are in contrast.

Fessenden’s telegraphy transmissions employed a synchronous rotary spark-hole transmitter, which was in effect a modulated quasi-CW methodology of signalling, well suited to detection by rectification. But this rectifier-detector was useless for the reception of unmodulated steady waves. All that might be heard can be clicks, because the Morse key was closed and opened.

Three traditional Combo Amps” from the mid 1950s going from vintage to the more pro smooth look as cabinets had been customized made for every firm, everybody making an attempt to seize that new child with a special model. These guitar amps and Rock and Roll’s want for louder guitar and bass drove an entire trade to develop larger and extra dependable, quieter tube amplifiers before the Hello-Fi” increase had even began.

In accordance with Guattari, the teams associated with this tendency and that also advocated violent rupture with the consensus embodied within the historic compromise could be hunted down and eliminated, with no pretence of liberal models of justice or authorized rights, which was certainly what occurred first in Italy and then in Germany. But Guattari was less keen on terror or state repression, whereas considering them important issues demanding responses on a ‘molar’ or representational political stage.

One has to ask then what freedom of expression still means in a democracy. Even if the state held all of the instruments of propaganda and spin, what characterizes democracy is that it permits the expression of different propagandas. The opposite impact of democratic propaganda is that it is topic to certain values. It isn’t unfettered but fettered, and it is an instrument not of passion but reason.

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