Constitution Phone Caller ID Downside (2)

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And I may go on naming numerous issues, like the time some 17-yr-outdated-college students threw a wastepaper basket at me and nothing happened despite my complaints to the pinnacle, the scholars who even threaten to do something to you or your automotive in case you fail them, the parents who can get as aggressive or childish as their own kids, and so on and so forth.

Then I strive calling the rep the owner has listed as ‘servicing’ the complex. She would not name me back but another guy does. Cellphone call would not start off proper when he tries to present me a DVR box (that I didn’t want except free, getting a regular HD box free online) and that the internet package deal I want -begins- about $30 more then what I’m seeing on-line with the bundle I created. I stop him and explain what I already have listed on-line. All I have to do is hit submit, however the landlord had this number listed as somebody that helps out their tenants.

As I was reading this I bought my third call within the last half hour. I hate them. I HATE THEM. This has been going on for at least the final 3 years. I wish I knew the place they lived so I may go to their house and ring their doorbell 15 occasions every 10 minutes and honk an air horn at their window all evening. AM on DNC, filed complaints, known as the telephone corporations related to the numbers that call me, known as every quantity I’ve discovered on varied grievance pages; all to no avail. I hate them. Uggh.

Not going to lie. Constitution sucked the place I lived before. By no means 60 megs. Costly however I simply moved into a brand new dwelling. I looked into the other firms and I made them tell me their actual pricing after 3 months and a year. Charter is way cheaper in the long term if you want extra service and so I tried Charter another time and since I have their router as a substitute of my own I’m truly getting 65 Mbps!!! And my channels are nice. I want the networking corporations would change it up just a little so some stuff did not repeat itself however I do know that’s not Constitution’s doing.

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