Amanda Belichick Featured In The Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Worcester TelegramHalifax Media Group has agreed to buy the Worcester Telegram & Gazette from Boston Globe Media Partners.

Even more infuriating is the fact that, in paying the outrageous director charges, these suppliers are placing tens of thousands of dollars into the financial institution accounts of key determination makers all over Boston — cash being a time-confirmed lubricant to an awful lot of excellent will. All that is set in opposition to the backdrop of our governor launching a discussion about containing well being care costs in a state where well being care is a dominant trade.

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It is too easy to attribute the development to the reduction in police foot patrols within the space, or the closing of the Police Department’s substation on Front Road. Police presence actually has a deterrent effect, but so too does the presence of peculiar citizens buying, walking and going about their professional business. In time, a recovering economy and tasks comparable to CitySquare should serve to change the dynamics of downtown, drawing more would-be buyers and residents to the core of town to bolster the efforts of the patient — and generally lengthy-suffering — entrepreneurs and residents already there.

It was in all probability a stretch for union supporters to go after six incumbent senators, somewhat than concentrate their forces on probably the most susceptible. Nonetheless, voters across the country who oppose the widespread efforts to undermine public unions — largely financed by company interests — should draw power from Tuesday’s success, not discouragement.

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