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Esat TvTPDM RADIO broadcasts 5 days in a week. That is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Comply with and hear day by day news TPDM RADIO.

Ah..ha…ga… I could not stop laughing. Can you learn your message back againyour out of mind.meles was reside only for him self focuse on his owin life and as we can see his fellow (Desalegn and Tewodros each thing be taught from him) didn’t now easy methods to lead individuals and easy methods to servive in exhausting scenario.theyare leadin with trying and error concept. Please accept your minority chief can’t lead as in work along with others. Ethiopia has a whole lot of genius people.

ESAT is tasked to supply accurate and balanced news and knowledge, as well as other leisure, sports and cultural programming created for and by Ethiopians. ESAT is committed to the best requirements of broadcast journalism and programming and can try to provide an outlet of expression to all segments of the various Ethiopian community worldwide.

Please let us morn for a while. Ethiopians do not insult the lifeless. That’s our culture. Lets work on our differences and look ahead to the future. All the pieces is not what it appears. Both the ruling social gathering and the so-called ‘oppostion parties’ have their very own hidden agenda. Melese, all his miscalculations apart, was a robust chief whose soul was troubled by the ignorance of his colleagues and the hypocrisies of the opposition.

Sidoo kale xogaha dhabta ah ee Washington nagasoo gaadhaya ayaa sheegaya in ay isku dhaceen qolyihii maamulka ESAT iyo wariyaashii kuwaas oo si gaar ah isugu haysta ciddii soo diyaarisay barnaamijkii ay ku fashilmeen ee ay kasii daayeen madaxwaynaha DDSI mudane Cabdi Maxamuud Cumar wakhtiguu kusugnaa magaalada Washington taas oo ay faraha kaga gubteen sababta xidhitaankana u horseeday.

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