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Things to Consider When Choosing Solar Racking Solar mounting systems are an important part of installing solar panels. If you lack knowledge regarding choosing such items, you should not choose blindly. Below are a few of the important factors to consider when buying solar racking systems. Size is among the most important factors to consider. The size of your solar panels would dictate the size of racking to choose. When sizing, understand that the length and width of your mount should be slightly larger than that of your panels. Most dealers have sizing charts that clients can use. Your choice dealer would offer the necessary support, too. If you are buying online, it is important that you confirm the size of the mount that you choose before paying for it. An installation expert can also help regarding sizing. You ought to choose a mounting framework in respect to your local climatic conditions. If your area usually experiences extremely harsh weather, it is important that you choose a mounting material that would withstand it. Stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and wood are the most common racking materials. If your live in a hot area, wooden mounts might not be a good choice for you. This is because too much sun light can easily cause the same to crack. Wood is demanding regarding maintenance, too. In case you are always busy, narrow down your search to materials that are easy to maintain.
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Wind load is a factor that you should not ignore. If you would be installing your racking system at an angle that is likely to attract a lot of wind resistance, you ought to choose a strong racking system. Asking for the support of a reliable contractor regarding wind load is important. You should only install your panels at a windy spot if it is extremely necessary. For an extremely wind locality, it is important to ensure that your racking system has strong mounting sleeves, fasteners, elevation pivots, etc.
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You ought to familiarize yourself with your area’s building codes before making a decision. All localities have restrictions concerning the dead load roofs should hold. Your type of roof would also dictate how heavy your mounting system should be. In case yours is a heavy concrete or ceramic tile roof, you might be restricted to lighter mounts. In case you would be adding more solar panels in the future, choose your mount with that in mind. Pricing is another factor that you should not overlook. High-quality systems are usually pricey. A custom system would cost you more, too. While it is important to respect your budget, it is important to avoid extremely cheap racking systems. Cheap systems would most likely not hold your panels appropriately.

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