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The Weyanes are very silly and do not know disgrace. How may they dare to impose indirect rule and expect the oppressed to be silent like stone. Very very superb. The report accuses Mr Liban Arero for mishandling the situation. As indicated Mr Arero is a deputy of the Borana Zone administrator, Mr Abera. Thus, if there may be any flaw in dealing with this case it is the bosses that will take blame not the assistant. Meles, Abune Paulos,…guess who is gonna be next ? u know there are lots of liers or propaganda tellers like Bereket simion(i hate dis mother fucker lier) could also be him.

Journalists at the independent ESAT network were first targeted in 2013 by an attacker using what appeared to be Remote Control System spyware and adware belonging to the Italian firm Hacking Group, in keeping with Citizen Lab, which relies on the University of Toronto’s Munk Faculty of World Affairs. Attendees had been capable of experience the newest expertise used to creating 3D contents, specifically targeted towards the creative trade equivalent to art, cinema and videogames.

Go away us to dwell our life. If Issayas is sweet for you retain with we want is peace in our nation. You are the one who are leaving your nation by way of jungle and desert of Eritrea. When you’ve got a proper to reside and to leave why so not yo use your passport. At the least all Ethiopia has the correct to depart and stay the nation. Barnaamijkan oo si quruxbadna looga waramay xaalada Shacabka Somalida Ogadeniya iyo mida qaxootigaba ayaa waxaa kale oo xiiso laha dhowr su’aalood oo laweydiiyay xidhiidhiyaha OYSU UK mudane Mustafe Diirane.

The next roles presumably characterize ESAT as an impartial voice for the unvoiced. Primarily because of the multitude of roles it performs, ESAT managed to stand stronger and taller than earlier than. Maintaining and expanding these roles is essential for its future existence. It is good to be honest for what the federal government is doing. At the similar time it is usually good to level out what is just not right. I’d say that yes issues are going nicely in Ethiopia, but there are additionally there are unfair treatments from authorities. We appreciate good work and we criticize a improper doing.

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