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Common Misconceptions about Phone Repairs Cell phones are now an integral part of people’s lives, and their use pervades all areas of communication. Apart from being communication tools, cell phones can also be used to carry out financial transactions, watch television, listen to radio, and take pictures – just to mention, but a few. Virtually all mobile phones are created to bear some level of rough handling without being damaged. But in some instances the mobile phones can get very rough handling when they fall on hard surfaces or into pools of water. At the point of destruction, you have two options – you can either repair the phone or buy a new one. A large number of people opt to buy new phones, but repairing of such phones can save you lots of money. Many customers often do not look for phone repair services because they hold some misconceptions that hinder them. Below are some examples of misconceptions that you should know and dispel. Third-Party Repairs Void the Warranty.
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If you have a Samsung or iPhone, which has been accidentally damaged, you could get good repair services at one of the iPhone repair Twin falls repair shops. Whether a warranty is null and void depends on the warranty time that is given upon purchase. Most warranty periods last for 12 to 24 months. It is good to note that phone repairs conducted by ‘certified’ technicians who are designated by the phone maker cannot void your warrant. Additionally, if you take your phone for repair beyond the 24-month period, the repairs will have no effect on your warranty. In such a case the repair technician does not have to be certified.
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Phone Repairs are Costly The expenses incurred in repairing a cell phone are subjective and they can vary depending on your location and kind of damage. A large number of customers often think that repairing their mobile phones may be an expensive undertaking. But this misconception is not true because the cost may be low if the repairs are minor. The cost could even be lower than the quote you get from your repair technician if you visited other locations with similar repair shops. A 2015 research revealed that repairing an iPhone 6 can cost you $179. If you look at how your daily life revolves around your mobile phone, and how much you use it daily, you will find that such a quote is a small price to pay to get your phone working as before. I can Fix It Many customers try to open and repair their damaged phones instead of seeking the services of Lee’s Summit shops, which offer repair services. Unfortunately, many of them are unable to repair their phones, and they end up looking for a repair technician. Therefore, it is important to take your damaged cell phone to a certified technician to prevent further damage and the voiding of its warrant.

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