The Backyardigans Lyrics (4)

Singing TelegramsThese are break-up strategies for the woman who needs to ensure that special man by no means forgets her. Possibly he cheated on you. Perhaps he is just a real slime bag. Regardless of the cause, these methods will ensure that he by no means forgets that you are the one that dumped him.

The invention of the phone made telegrams out of date, so only a few telegrams had been being sent from the 1960’s and on wards. In fact the only incantation of a telegram that is actually used to today is that of the singing telegram. Evolving from that first sung pleased birthday message it has since changed into a humorous way of delivering excellent news.

Folks said that the carnival was the only outlet for the repressed masses whose problems had been many to say the least. It was a country the place there were no civil liberties and the blue denim clad militia were the dreaded Ton Ton Macoute who had been the primary instrument of repression within the hands of Duvalier. Their ruthlessness would have shamed Idi Amin.

Ghardaia turned out to be beehive of a city built on a mound with narrow lanes and overhangs to keep out the relentless sun. On the top of the mound is the mosque. I found the structure interesting as a result of it was my first time to see a desert town Otherwise it was a dirty, dusty and really dry place the place most people saved indoors due to the warmth.

In a method I used to be glad that I didn’t go to Los Banos for research though it will have been cheaper however Calpoly was a very good agricultural school although dearer. I didn’t have any scholarship but that did not worry me. I had some savings and for the remainder I must get a component time job someplace however that was in the future.

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