Wireless TelegraphyDevelopments related to information know-how involved main advances in communication, such as the telegraph – which was really an electronic improvement on historical strategies reminiscent of drums and smoke alerts, and later semaphore communication.

For the next two decades, Marconi continued refining his inventions, experimenting with shortwave broadcasts and testing transmission distances aboard his seven-hundred-ton yacht, Elettra. He returned to Italy, grew to become a supporter of Benito Mussolini and annulled his first marriage—to an Irish artist with whom he had 4 children—to wed an Italian noblewoman. In 1935 he toured Brazil and Europe defending Mussolini’s invasion of Abyssinia. He died two years later of a coronary heart assault in Rome. In his honor, radio stations in America, England and Italy broadcast several minutes of silence.

Internet and phone traces are down. No Hub Pages, Google, electronic mail, banking or Face E-book, The entire mess began yesterday about 11:45am. I … Read the rest