Relativity SEO Launches Revamped SEO Approach in Light of Search Engine Changes


(Holmes Beach, Florida)– According to the latest reports from the digital marketing industry, Google continues to hold the lion’s share of the online search realm. Recent figures indicate 76 percent of desktop and 94 percent of mobile searches are now being conducted through the long-standing crowd favorite. Ongoing modifications to this search engine’s algorithms as well as numerous additional factors promise to reshape the SEM sector during the year to come.

In response to this development, Cody Oelker of Relativity SEO ( has launched the Florida-based agency’s newly revamped approach to search engine optimization. Said Oelker, “Google tops the world’s list of go-to search engines because those driving it keep a close watch on what the public wants. They continually update their algorithms in an effort to cater to users’ demands. Understanding not only the evolving mindsets of target audiences, but exactly what drives search engines is the key to business’ success. Those are only two of the many elements we bring to the table for our clients.”

Organic search results remain more effective than paid advertising among consumers. That being said, one of Google’s most recently implemented changes cut its number of organic links per page from 10 to an average of 8.5 based on information from a Searchmetrics study released late last year. This transition leaves businesses scrambling for ways to make more effective use of newly limited space while still outranking their competition. Doing so without overstepping the boundaries put into place by search engines continues to present a challenge among companies vying for first place in the SERP’s.

SEO blog, Backlinko points out consumers are gravitating toward more lengthy content with images likewise increasing website relevance. Search engines take both factors into account when deeming businesses worthy of first-page recognition. While keywords remain significant across the board, information surrounding them is expected to hold greater weight for the year ahead. As noted on the Relativity SEO website, elements of importance to online searchers and search engines can be incorporated into both on and off-page content to boost rankings.

Concluded Oelker, “When the internet first became a household name, few regulations were in place to govern the type of information businesses offered their target audiences, and the public hadn’t yet developed clear-cut expectations for the online world. We’ve seen plenty of turning points during the 13 years we’ve been in business. Today, ethical strategies and quality content are ideas to live by, but just how you present them to search engines and your target audiences makes all the difference. Our revised SEO approach takes all the latest changes, as well as the dynamic nature of our industry, into consideration.”

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