Esat TvTHE Ethiopian Satellite tv for pc Tv (ESAT) as we speak reports that it has established its first contact with the three Ethiopian air pressure pilots who had defected last month to a third country Eritrea with their MI-35 Helicopter gunship.

Gabagabada barnaamijkan aya waxa laweydiyay Magaca Ogaden? Sababta loogu bixiyay dhulka Somalida Ogadeniya. Qabiilo badan oo somaliyeed ayaa ku nool dhulkaas Ogaden sidoo kale waxaa ku nool qabiil la dhaho Ogadeen. Marka Ogaden markii la dhaho ma hal qabiil ayuunbu matala ayay su’aal ahaan ka dhigtay Mati. Markii lawaydiiyay xidhitaankoodan albaabada loo laabay ayay ku jawaabeen in muddo labaatan cisho ah laxidhay oo ay balaadhin kujiraan. Balse waxay warbixinta Washington xaqiijinaysaa in bathroom xidhay meel kaga dhaca hadafkii saxaafadeed iyo arimo laxidhiidha aqoonta iyo khibrada saxaafadeed.

For the final 3 days I was trying to name again dwelling from the US, perhapse it could possibly be resulting from this??? But the the issue I skilled was solely the cellular telephone. Are you kidding me? Due to you, you created a rustic by way of a sham referendum. I know TPLF has executed some things unsuitable, however you’ve gotten burnt your bridge. I don’t think there may be any comeback. You better keep in your date weight-reduction plan sent to your from your masters.

The teams of their statement mentioned that suppression, harassment, torture, kidnaping and killing under the present TPLF/EPRDF regime have exacerbated in Ethiopia, and it’s time for Ethiopians to stand in unison to free the nation and its folks from the minority dictatorship. but the meles vision is each Ethiopian individuals to satisfy he is imaginative and prescient is each body prepared.besides u &ur follower. So why would you opposing a new opening radio unless it’s doing well in exposing belongings you wish to maintain hidden from the public.

As quickly as we get the chance, we readily executed the plan … at times by flying the helicopter up to 10 meters above the ground to evade radar detection … and flew till we run out of gasoline,” stated the three former EthiopianAir Power pilots explaining how they finally reached to their safety. Although most people unknowingly name Afaan Oromoo Languge as ‘Oromiffa/Oromigna’, It is right and standardized use is Afaan Oromoo Language not Oromiffa/Oromigna. And I personally prefer to challenge you to make this right at begin, ESAT Board and its member to think about correcting the program title.

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