Interview With Obbo Lencho Bati On Esat Tv

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We’ve been killed by minority gang day and evening so,We are on the best way to act accordingly to save lots of our kids for mafia group. You talk about Esseyas? what did he do? Leap to Putin then North coreas then you definitely drop to eritrea….just bouncing without no level to persuade us. Eega muhiimada kowaad waxa weeye sidii loogasoo horjeedsan lahaa gumeysiga xoriyadna loo gaadhi lahaa.

As quickly as we acquired the prospect, we readily executed the plan … at occasions by flying the helicopter up to 10 meters above the ground to evade radar detection and flew until we ran out of gasoline,” surmised the three former Ethiopian Air Force pilots explaining how they lastly reached to security. Kooxdan iyo qalabkoodii conflict-beeneedka ah (ESAT ) ee ay ku aflagaadoon jireen ayaa markii ugu horaysay laxidhay taniyo muddo badan oo uu soo furaa ESAT TV. Iyadoo sababtuna ay tahay in sharciga saxaafada iyo career-kaba ay meel kaga dhaceen.

These criminal components that still identifying themselves with the identical LEGAL ORGANIZATION that carried the genocide below the same identify OLF, and still these groups are hoisting the same OLF flag that was hoisted the same flag when the massacre of Amhara folks was carried by the same OLF. Responding to questions on how they managed to flee without leaving a hint, the pilots mentioned, We had a plan to defect together for a very long time … and have been ready for the possibility to get assigned collectively in one of many routine test flights”, said the Captains from their undisclosed location.

Journalist Abebe grew to become fashionable after this (footage beneath) widespread incident when he loudly protested and interrupted the late Ethiopian Prime Minster Meles Zenawi’s speech on food security held on the sideline of the G8 summit at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC on Friday, Might 18, 2012. In case you don’t change how you think, no matter who’s ruling the nation it is not going to satisfide you because you want every little thing to be your way. Yesatalitu sim ante STB wusit gideta menore yelebetim, Andun sattelite choose adrigina kelay yalewun TP add madreg beki new.

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