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It is stunning, and it is also a great prison skill that these MONSTERS had been contained in the Ethiopian Military feeding info to their OLF and maybe commanding the OPDO /Woyane Army to participate in the Amhara genocide crime underneath the Woyane authorities whereas their organization the OLF” was carried the genocide in opposition to the Amhara society (see the primary Video posted to your right on this weblog how meticulously elaborated the genocide of the Amahara folks in the Oromo localities witnessed by the priest proven on the video posted).

Ginbot – 7 and Tamagne Beyene promised their followers they will be in Addis Ababa in six months over throwing the government. That was 22 years ago however they’re nonetheless in Washington residing the Moja life and they’re still doing the same previous trick. They are begging for money to take away the Ethiopian government from power. How long are these wolves beneath sheep’s skin going to take the Ethiopian Diaspora for a journey? It is about time we get up and scent the Ethiopian espresso and notice these persons are getting richer and richer on our sweat and blood.

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Chatting with the Radio, Abebe mentioned the plot was set to shoot him” when he was travelling to Boston final month on a Fund raising trip for ESAT. ”FBI had information about the plot and took the correct measure which aborted the plot.” The Radio added. Abebe told the Radio that investigators also went to the suspect’s dwelling and conducted investigation. The investigation remains to be underway.

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