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Esat TvTamagne Beyene and ESAT the basement TELEVISION station has been deceiving Ethiopian Diaspora for therefore lengthy for his or her private monetary gains.

Nine individuals from the viewers introduced sorts of questions. Most of them had been directed to Ambassador Cohen and Ambassador Shinn. There was no unanswered query that was important. The inquiries to Professor Mesfin had been extra centered on searching for his steering. The session closed with vote of thanks and a call for the continuation this type of productive panel dialogue. The session took more time than was initially planned due to the interest proven by the viewers. The panel closed with a way of satisfaction.

As quickly because the merger of the three political forces is accomplished, the work of allying with other group such because the highly militarized and the strongest of all, the Tigrean Peoples Democratic Movement (TPDM), will kick off. To help assimilate the mentioned course of, ESAT has already allocated a considerable amount of airtime for TPDM propaganda works over its satellite frequency.

These group of half baked components in Atlanta are so naïve and who simply gave a dumb to human rights challenge and crime who’re less concern concerning the pregnant Amhara girls, whom their abdomen punctured and reduce by the barbaric OLF army with a knife bayonet to homicide their unborn infants, school kids murdered massively whereas in attending courses, elders, blind, a whole bunch chopped like a cabbage and push alive to a cliff by the same thugs who are leading the identical thuggish organization are giving them exuberant welcome for murdering the Amhara society.

Pro woyane trying to confuse folks by bringing Eritrea’s identify in to image on this occasion …No doubt and confusion on this wOYANE DID IT however the query must be how they did it ? in order that we are able to have a soulution … but i need to let you know one thing …. WOYANE FOR CERTAIN DESIRES TO MAKE SURE THE APTITUDE OF THE THIRD GET TOGETHER ON JAMMING SATELLIET TV EARLIER THAN MAKEING ANY KIND OF PAYEMENT Now they are able to settle the paymenet so expect much more jamming a head.

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