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Benefits of Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) is a new development which affects business practices not like the way technological advancements do wherein businesses are prompted to change their ways of doing things, but to thoroughly enhance their old patterns of achieving a peculiar task. Fundamental tasks of the business like hosting meetings and showcasing products are constantly being augmented because there is a need to adapt to the current business environment. And each time something new comes along, the business experiences changes like a face lifting of some sort. When it comes to accommodating business dealings and promoting our products to potential clients, there is a need for enhancing the way it is done from farm gate transaction to our brick and mortar economic undertaking. The tasks themselves have not really changed but the way we do it experienced tremendous change. Transactions and product promotions will entail a substantial cost and a restricted reach if not for technological innovations that have come out to help businessmen to organize or sell their products from a great distance. It is now an equal reality to make face to face transactions and product promotions even from a remote location, thanks to technological achievements.
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Augmented reality is distinct from virtual reality in that it offers users graphical enhancements to their real, physical environment, rather than creating an entirely new environment. An example would be when you want to show a customer how a piece of furniture would look like in a room, you simply take a tablet and focus it in the room and place the virtual furniture in the place where they want to put it and they can see the effect of its presence in the room. This is what you would do if you had brought the actual furniture and put it in the spot where you want it to be. so with augmented reality you don’t need to use your imagination much on how it would look, what the best color would be, and other minute details that you want to see in your furniture.
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Augmented reality can completely change the way geographically dispersed employees connect. When the team holds a meeting, remote workers can often be detached from the group or become easily distracted. With AR, however, it is as if everybody is actually present in the room. Because everyone will seem present in the meeting it would be more engaging especially for the remote workers and physically present members are more likely to include them in the discussions. There can be myriads of other applications to blend your digital information within a real-world environment.

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