How to Use Credit Cards Correctly

Having a credit card is certainly not just for shopping, there are still many other uses that sometimes for the owner, even longer, do not know how to use a credit card properly. The use of credit cards correctly, will make the maximum benefits and generate profits for their owners. For the a credit card holder certainly familiar with what is a credit card, but do not necessarily know how to use it correctly. But here, we will explain how to use a credit card properly and effectively. In this article, the discussion is limited by the number of words because of the limitations of the page. So for a broader insight into the use of the credit card, you should read a lot of articles about credit cards, one of them and the good is

On the base of the launch of a credit card only has 2 utility function is to “spend” and “cash withdrawals via atm”. but with growing age, how to use credit cards to increase to four functions, namely:

  1. Spend (Retail Transaction)
    Card Holder (Credit Card Holder) only need to show a credit card to the cashier and the cashier will swipe the card in the machine EDC (Electronic Data Capture), so that the total expenditure will be paid by cutting / reducing the amount of the credit limit of the card.
  2. ATM Cash Withdrawal
    Card Holder (Credit Card holder) must request a PIN first to the Call Center Credit Card Issuer to withdraw money at any time through an ATM machine (authomatic Teller Machine), cash withdrawal limit was only a maximum of 60% of your limit.
  3. Swipe Cash (Gestun)
    Gestun is where Card Holder (Credit Card Holder) can take the money as if shopping goods, in accordance with the maximum capture card limit. Gestun not free but charged the administration with different magnitudes at the discretion of each store gestun service providers. Gestun providers place usually on the mark with the logo “We Accept Visa Master”.
  4. Payment Transactions Online
    Card Holder system where the user (cardholder) using a credit card for the payment of their online transactions, because now many online shops that offer payment by credit card.

The four functions of all Credit Card Issuer, we do not suggest that the function of the No. 2 and No. 4, the following explanation:

Function No. 2 (Pull Cash ATM): First reason because of the system charge (charging), which entered into force for withdrawing money at ATM machines, could reach 4% and it is not deducted from the money that you take, but deducted from the limit remaining , While the second reason is the system prevailing interest rate in case of delay in payment, the amount of an average of 4.5%.

Fungtion No. 4 (Payment Transactions Online): Data from your credit card is personal and confidential, so do not let you upload or notify the data to others, especially to inform CVC (Card Verification Code) 3 digits on the back of your …