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Worcester TelegramDid the Worcester Telegram and Gazette tombstone one in all your comments? Another wordslinger posted something actually stupid, you called him an fool and you are the one moderated into oblivion. Properly how are all us wordslingers going to outlive on this new civilized world? We want a method to keep observe of what’s getting moderated out of the conversations. Your tombstoned feedback can live once more. Post them here at Wormtown.

A member of the famed 54th infantry, Johnson’s likeness is solid in bronze in the memorial dedicated to his commanding officer, Col. Robert G. Shaw. The monument stands on Beacon Avenue at the Boston Commons just across the way in which from the Massachusetts State Home. The troop was immortalized in the movie Glory, starring Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick, and Morgan Freeman.

Word: There have been also at the least a dozen men of coloration who enlisted into the 54th from Worcester. Earlier than the warfare, this metropolis was a city of abolitionists. Abby Kelley Foster is probably best recognized for her half within the underground railroad, aiding runaway slaves. Cambridge-born writer and Unitarian Minister Thomas Wentworth Higginson, who led this metropolis’s Free Church, was a member of the Secret Six that financed John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. Frederick Douglass, the nice black orator of his technology, addressed crowds at City Hall on the evils of slavery. He was joined by John Brown.

After transferring from Massachusetts a few years in the past, I revisited recently for a vacation at the Cape. I bought the Telegram & Gazette at the newsstand as a result of I was a supply boy for The Evening Gazette in Worcester County manner again when. Not surprisingly, I observed that the T&G seems to be one-sided on the editorial pages, presenting only the left-handed opinion.

Went to dinner at Mezcal tonight. Yummy! But a couple of issues I observed whereas down on Shrewsbury St. Parking continues to be atrocious. I lucked out and located on street parking right next to the restaurant but with the amount of eating places and bars within the area, it may be very robust to find a parking place. Most of the companies do present valet parking but it surely seems to me that having a place to park your automotive your self and go to just a few hot spots would benefit the area.

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