Satellite Room DcUgh. I HATE HATE HATE this stupid Brunch trend in DC. It is breakfast with booze, end of story, nothing particular. It is so annoying that anywhere in DC on a Sunday is a three hour wait because OMG BRUNCH LOL ROTKL BRUNCH #BESTTHINGEVER!?!?!?! Especially anywhere on or close to 14th and U avenue, forget it. If I don’t have the endurance M-F to take care of METRO delays, I certain as hell don’t have endurance to spare on Sunday to wait all day for something I might make at home.

Picture+ will clock in at 64 pages and have unique interviews, highlight features, bonus never-earlier than-seen preview pages, editorials from business voices, and extra in-depth, insightful and provocative comics protection curated by David Brothers, Branding Supervisor at Picture Comics. That is of explicit curiosity to us as we reside in a city on the English Channel that has been topic to some very extreme storms over time. In 1987 the city had a brand new seaside installed – an actual feat of engineering.

The wings that I mentioned had been closest to me, I think that is the one who allowed this. If that make any sense. It was … Read the rest