Morse CodeMorse code, after all! Make a noise, flash a light-weight, or grab one thing convenient and begin maniacally flipping it on and off.

Morse Code can’t be treated as a classical radioteletype (RTTY) sign when it comes to calculating a hyperlink margin or a link finances for the simple cause of it possessing variable size dots and dashes as well as variant timing between letters and words. For the purposes of Info Theory and Channel Coding comparisons the word PARIS is used to determine Morse Code’s properties as a result of it has an even variety of dots and dashes.

Have each group slide the other finish of wire #1 underneath a thumbtack. Press the thumbtack into a smooth piece of cardboard. Slide the opposite finish of wire #2 beneath another thumbtack. This thumbtack should also have a paperclip beneath it. Press the thumbtack firmly into a second piece of cardboard. The thumbtack will hold both the paper clip and the wire in place.

Interesting variation right here, Everybody Knows Semaphore (a naval predecessor of Morse code, utilizing patterned flags to ship messages). In one episode, Mac finds an abandoned boat with a semaphore flag kit, MacGyvers a kind of … Read the rest