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As I proceeded to shut the door once more, he had a stern facial expression and maintained eye contact with me. Give it some thought. That is extremely uncommon, and struck me as aggressive. At this level, I skilled a twinge of fear that these guys might probably transcend a gross sales call, and get nasty… I pictured them vandalizing my property or harassing my household.

Earlier than travelling to Spain, I lately visited a telus store to confirm that my BB Curve would work during my trip. The sales particular person informed me it could NOT work and that I may upgrade to a BB which would operate in Europe. So I did upgrade – to a Daring – after the salesperson confirmed that i could return to my present contract and Curve if I wasn’t happy inside 14 days.

If you are making an attempt to buy one thing on-line, guantee that the momentary card is registered with just your title, address and cellphone … Read the rest