LandsatWe are going to classify a subset of Landsat 8 picture acquired over Rome, Italy (data out there from the U.S. Geological Survey) on June 12, 2014. Utilizing a semi-automated approach we are going to quickly classify the image and estimate land cover area, in solely six phases.

TM4/TM5: It enhances the water body, vegetation and presence of moisture content within the croplands. Water physique has appeared as dark tone and vegetation as lighter tone. Because water is a strong absorber in near IR area( band4) and higher reflectance in band 5 region. It may be useful for discriminating water bodies from land. Launch: Landsat-4 was launched on a Delta 3925 vehicle (Thor Delta) from VAFB (Vandenberg Air Pressure Base), CA on July sixteen, 1982.

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