Worcester TelegramHave not read them in months, what a joke. The Telegram should be embarrassed by their whole remark part and may require individuals to have a registered name, just like a letter to the editor. Until then these feedback are an entire waste of time and you can tell studying them who exactly they are from and do nothing to advance the story.

The State will probably be elevating our taxes now. Finally the children will benefit from a properly funded schooling. We have now cash ( $1.seventy five Million!!!)for toilets on the airport, however we’re still brief on text books. Time for a vote if no confidence in the politicians that voted for the loss of life spiral pronouncement. The firmer SC will get an F, the Council will get a D-, however the airport gets bogs that value greater than the thrown of Queen Elizabeth!

Wingerland is an odd, truth-free place. Perhaps there are hallucinogens (but no fluoride) in the water. Actually, the US and China supported the legitimacy of Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia, whereas it was Vietnam that invaded to cease that auto-genocidal regime. I assume Dow’s statements about Congress/Vietnam are incorrect, too. I don’t see … Read the rest