Cloud Web Hosting Can Make Disaster Recovery Much Easier: Here’s How

One of the biggest threats that can paralyze even the best performing web platform is data loss. You can deploy all possible measures to keep your web server safe, but disaster can strike in unexpected ways. Apart from hackers, there is always the risk of a sudden network outage, natural disaster, human error on your end, etc. causing a loss to data and thus your business.

Here’s what you can do-

Get a cloud hosting plan powered by cloud disaster recovery.

With a Cloud Hosting service, you can make the most of cloud storage architecture. Such systems allow you to create multiple virtual versions of your data (along with other system resources), thus increasing redundancy. In case of any man-made (hacking, theft, system bug, etc.) or a natural disaster (flood, fire, earthquake, etc.), you can easily retrieve data from any of the multiple versions.

Cloud hosting harnesses the power of cloud disaster recovery (DR) plan.

It is not an option but a must for all site owners to have such a plan to restore any lost data, so their online business keeps running. So far, people have been using traditional DR methods, which would be both cost-heavy and time-consuming. With Cloud DR, you can avail of cheaper, better, and faster alternatives for disaster management of valuable site data. Cloud disaster recovery is a backup and restore strategy wherein you can store and maintain data across a cloud platform. You would never have to buy any kind of tangible resources like backup server, drives, and disks. In case of any disaster, you can easily recover or implement a failover system during a natural disaster. Cloud DR allows automated failback and failovers, making it an efficient mechanism.

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