Satellite Room DcFan-favourite creators Ryan Ottley (INVINCIBLE) and Ivan Plascencia (RASPUTIN) return to the cult hit GRIZZLY SHARK, out for fresh blood this April.

SES-14 and SES-15 supply a complementary protection over busy air travel routes throughout the Americas and North Atlantic areas, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, whereas SES-12 will serve the burgeoning aeronautical market across Asia and the Middle East. As GEE expands its services to new airways and regions, it may well shortly and seamlessly leverage capacity across the global SES fleet of more than 50 satellites.

Howard introduced on the air that he had taken an advance from a publisher to write a prepare dinner ebook. No cook dinner book was ever printed and Howard by no means mentioned it once more. It is not known if Howard was joking when he said he was writing the ebook, if he did write the book and it … Read the rest