Charter InternetWe simply acquired a brand new telephone supplier (landline) by constitution communications, and have inside 48 hours been flooded with telemarketer calls, they usually all have our title and other data. Is this authorized? How can they get away with this?Get on the national do not call listing. It is free.One thing you need to remember is that if you do not pay an additional payment every month to have your phone number unlisted, they will get your telephone quantity out of the cellphone book. There are tons of internet sites that you may go to to get a listing of all of the phone numbers belonging to a selected space code.

They really do not care about who they service I really feel. They increase your rates the place to the purpose they aren’t even competitive hoping you will not do anything about it. You have to name them and complain, and solely then they could lower your bill. Of all the bills I pay they’re the one company I’ve to name as a result of they’re continually making an attempt to take extra money from me. Individuals with the identical service many pay totally different rates depending what … Read the rest