TelegraphBy the nineteen thirties, a lot of Europe was criss-crossed with a wide selection of telegraph and phone overhead wires. Telegraph lines were widespread, usually accompanying the expansion of railroads and their depot and maintenance buildings. As such, they could possibly be discovered as far west as Portugal, as far south as southern Italy (there have been even some traces in Egypt), as far north as northern Norway, and as far east because the Russian steppes.

Bell himself demonstrated how the phone worked to Queen Victoria in 1878. Primarily based on the Isle of Wight, Bell demonstrated the telephone by way of making calls to London, Cowes and Southampton. From then on, the phone started to make headway as a key feature of British life. He donated massive sums to Dunfermline, his hometown. Moreover, he established the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, to benefit the people of this metropolis. A statue now … Read the rest