Morse CodeIn case you have a ham radio license (and even if you are only excited about getting a license), you most likely know concerning the 11-yr sunspot cycle and how the sunspot activity adjustments how far radio indicators journey.

Justified in that Lt. Uhura is the ship’s communications officer, and Starfleet Academy may effectively expect familiarity with out of date however previously widespread comms protocols in case they run throughout some Misplaced Colony or Ghost Ship with a still-functioning beacon. I really enjoyed this. The Georgie and Tony one was simply nice. I dabble at poetry, probably not good at it nevertheless it helps me relieve stress. Morse code has been used many instances in music, print advertising, artwork, and as a plot system in movies, tv, and novels.

Transformers : Whereas Frenzy has Maggie, Glenn, Secretary Keller, and Agent Simmons pinned in the archives, Glenn modifies an ancient COMPUTER … Read the rest