Charter CommunicationsVery quietly, Constitution Communications has been poking a toe into the net video streaming business.

Prepaid return envelopes: Each Netflix DVD comes with a prepaid return envelope. Pop your DVD back into its sleeve, put it within the pay as you go envelope, seal and drop it within the mail. Inside a day or two the DVD will arrive again on the closest Netflix heart and the next accessible DVD in your queue will probably be despatched out (usually the very same day).

We reside mythically and integrally… In the electric age ,when our central nervous system is tecnologically extended to contain in the whole of mankind and to incorporate the entire of mankind in us, we essentially participate… within the consequences of our every action. The aspiration of our time for wholeness, empathy and depth of consciousness is a pure adjunct of electric technology…There’s a deep religion to be discovered in this perspective-a faith that considerations the last word concord of all being. The digital age’ has sealed ‘the entire human household right into a single global tribe.

For me, as for others, the Net is turning into a universal medium, the conduit for most of the data that … Read the rest