Speaking By Light

HeliographThis top quality albumen photograph is from the personal photograph album of William Henry Jenkins, who was a Sergeant in the Black Watch. Jenkins was born in England in the 1870s. He served for a time as a part of Queen Victoria’s bodyguard. In 1905, he and his family moved to Quebec Canada. The photograph was obtained indirectly from the great-granddaughter of Jenkins.

As time glided by though, the images had been exceedingly getting better all the whereas and monochrome pictures were beginning to offer something that really no painter of portraits could. And since then images has solely improved every time someone would attempt tweaking them or utilizing altogether different strategies. That is the way of any thing in the world from the beginning of time until present day. they have been as we still do attempt to at all times enhance upon one thing to make it better than it way before.

The simplest heliostat is a mirror hung up at a distant station so as to mirror a flash to the observer whose station may be up to 80 miles from it. For survey work the mirror may be adjusted in order that the flash happens precisely at some prearranged hour, and if fitted with clock-work, the mirror will be made to revolve with the solar, and so to reflect a beam of sunlight steadily in one course. If the beam or flash of light is interrupted, both by momentarily pivoting the mirror, or by interrupting the beam with a shutter, a code akin to Morse code could be sent to the observer.

The following grouping of headdress are three kepi from the French International Legion. From left to right, the primary is an enlisted man’s service gown kepi wore in French Indochina and Algeria, circa 1954, next is an enlisted man’s review gown kepi (without the white ‘kepi blanc’ cover), circa 1950, the following kepi is full gown for a Captaine of the Legion, finally is a winter gown Senior Colonel and General Officer’s Papahka, (Astrakhan of Persian lamb) of the former Soviet Army, circa 1991.

Navy headdress has lengthy been, and stays, a extremely fashionable discipline for the militaria following set of images exhibits a consultant number of navy headdress from the world’s military forces. Due to a selected private interest, the first group of helmets and hats are from Nice Britain and the Commonwealth, with a focus on their Airborne and Elite Forces. The preliminary two images are an outline of that a part of the collection (Click on on any of the photographs to enlarge).

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