Prof. Berhanu Nega’s Newest Interview From Eritrea (ESAT Radio) Mehadere Zena

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You guys on the diaspora!!! Shut up your mouth. We Ethiopian’s miss our great leader. You do not even handle to steer one household forget a county. It is not as simple as consuming burger and standing at the parking lot. It goes far far beyond that. you might have seen how the Ethiopian people had been in heavy grief to receive the physique of the premier. What do u say now. Do you assume all these folks were paid to come back out and cry. Please Ethiopia don’t need your leap service. STOP mentioning bad things about Ethiopia. Just proceed your bored and monotonous life.

Please allow us to morn for some time. Ethiopians do not insult the dead. That’s our culture. Lets work on our differences and look ahead to the long run. Every part shouldn’t be what it seems. Each the ruling social gathering and the so-known as ‘oppostion events’ have their own hidden agenda. Melese, all his miscalculations aside, was a strong chief whose soul was troubled by the ignorance of his colleagues and the hypocrisies of the opposition.

Chimpanzees are giant, hairy and tailless; females weigh between 30-forty kg, whereas males can attain a hundred and eighty kg. They have huge heads, flattened face with a small nostril and forward dealing with eyes. They have identical number and type of teeth as man. The chimp is indeed our closet dwelling relative, sharing 98% of our genes and far of our behaviour. The chimp and mountain gorilla are the one great apes found naturally is East Africa. Seeing chimps within the wild is an exhilarating experience. And Uganda is the most effective nation on this planet to view chimps in their pure habitat.

The assault occurred Monday in West Arsi district with government buildings also broken, Getachew said by phone from the capital, Addis Ababa. Authorities do not know the motive for the assault nor the entire variety of useless and injured, he stated. The information we now have is they have been ambushed by folks carrying weapons, apparently on a rampage,” he said.

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