Nibiru Planet X Update June, 2014

SeismographA person is standing over one other man, who is strapped right into a chair with wires connected to his head and arms. The wires lead to a big lie detector on a stand next to him, which has jagged traces drawn across it. Standing man: IS THERE AN EARTHQUAKE TAKING PLACE?! Sitting man: No! <> Pro Tip: In a pinch, a lie detector can double as a seismograph. Title text: The reverse only works if the subject has a nervous twitch.

Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Bay of Bengal, No Tsunami Menace to India , this report is how the Faux Stream Media uses distraction to create confusion when reporting occasions which might be related to each other. By including the ‘reality’ that no tsunami risk had been issued distracts the reader from connecting the current building collapses to an earthquake that had in epicenter within the Bay of Bengal, regardless that it was felt a whole lot of miles away.

A standard tactic by The Powers That Be and the Fake Stream Media they control is to supply the public info that’s not disputed, give them a set of information which might be undoubtedly true and make sense and permit the public to fill within the blanks. This gives the public a scenario they will dangle their hat on and look no further for any underlying causes or facts which may supply a special scenario.

Within the late 1800s the earliest seismograph (often known as a seismometer) was invented. A seismograph can provide extra information about the intensity and different particulars of an earthquake than a seismoscope can. This primary seismograph was later improved by British researchers in Japan, amongst them a person named John Milne, who invented the horizontal pendulum seismograph. Pendulum designs became more superior all through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The kingdom of Wagadu turned a big Empire extending from the Atlantic to the Niger. From the seventh century the Arabs penetrated Black Africa, passing both by means of Egypt or North Africa. Attracted by the gold of Wagadu, the Arabs and Berbers came with many caravans of camels to commerce within the cities of Wagadu. A few of these merchants settled at Kumbi the place they shaped an enormous residential quarter other than the royal palace. The Arabs had been Muslims, but the Emperor and people of Wagadu were not.

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