Focusing on the Customer in Telecom Using Six Sigma

Focusing on the Customer in Telecom Using Six Sigma

The customer is key to success within any sector of business, and this is especially true in the telecommunications industry. Profit margins are forever being squeezed, meaning that the cost of finding new customers is on the rise. As new customers enter the telecom business, others leave, making it even more critical to find and retain customers as often as possible. Six Sigma can assist those in the telecom business to focus on the customer while also focusing on streamlining processes and ensuring the business retains as much revenue as it does customers. For after all, customers are the source of revenue for any business or organization.

A particular challenge, exceptional to telecom, is definitely the needed focus around the buyer, which has demands that are quick and always within a state of continual adjust. Telecom can be a service sector, hence the consumers are the principal concentrate, and their wants frequently look unpredictable. This proves to be challenging when method improvement becomes required, as you will find a lot of variables which might be challenging to measure on the subject of client demands and desires.

Together with the help of Six Sigma, a telecom business can retain its focus on the customer, whilst also being able to respond far better to challenges that may arise at any time. They’ll also be greater in a position to reap the benefits of opportunities that could arise without having much notice.

When implementing this particular process in a telecom company, the focus needs to be on company-wide training that is specific to the overall strategies of the company. Assessments must be made unique to that company to help determine the specific training needed, as well as how implementation of changes will occur. Telecommunications businesses, like all businesses, have a financial bottom-line, regardless of the focus on the customer. This bottom line is best increased by standardizing many of the practices, while maximizing teamwork and minimizing errors. Customer satisfaction sees a sharp rise when this combination is perfected through the usage of the Six Sigma Methodology.

Controlling the improvements made must also include ensuring that that these improvements are beneficial to both external and internal customers. While improvements might need to be tweaked to respond to the changing market, keep in mind that doing so under a Six Sigma program requires that there is always a re-evaluation before these tweaks can occur. Often in the telecom industry, changes are made on a reactive basis without a more scientific and factual review of what’s best for the company and customer.

Telecom is an industry with a clear focus on the customer, and while this makes process improvement a challenge, it’s definitely something that can be achieved with the right Six Sigma Program in place.

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