Esat Radio Information September 7 2012

Esat RadioPatriotic Ginbot 7 Chairman Prof Berhanu Nega discussed with Sisay Againa (ESAT) concerning the worldwide neighborhood, Ethiopian Military and the enterprise neighborhood.

Zegoch bezeregna sereat mekinyat menor eyakatachew hulum neger behig sim shifan tesetot tetebtebo eyale endet yenoral? Zegoch hagerachewn bezede tetew endiwetu Weyanewoch eyaderegu lemn yewetalu yelalu. Kebad gif new. Zeregna sereatn lemasqetel sibal lelaw hizb ende eqa arfeh teqemet yemebalebet zemen eskiabeqa yezegoch seqoqa yeqetelal. Down with TPLF elites buying and selling within the identify of nation nationalities.

Reproduction in primates is quite diversified, however there’s a lot in widespread with people. Monkeys and apes, for instance, actually do menstruate. A key distinction nevertheless, is that many primates have distinct breeding seasons. The young are depending on the mother, but much less so than human infants. They benefit from the protection of a fur coat and are in a position to climb and attain the moms’ teats and cling to her while being transported. Males generally play a marginal role in parental care.

This versatile machine permits you to watch varied internet channels through your individual tv via streaming. You can watch web tv channels by way of your individual television & listen to an infinite listing of web radio channels as well. This machine additionally allows you to view your whole pictures by your personal television & the machine will put them in order of date for easier access.

When a vertet hops onto your automotive as you arrive at park gate, it’s taking care of its personal pursuits. People wish to feed monkeys and it hopes to save lots of the plenty of vitality and the risk involved in pure foraging in the bush. Nevertheless, it is unlawful to feed monkeys or any wildlife in all parks in East Africa. Even be warned- these monkeys can chew if scared. Their enamel and claws can inflict serious accidents and it’s best to subsequently keep away from shut bodily contact.

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