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Esat RadioΟ επιβάτης που κινείται με ταχύτητα στα ρεύματα των νερών του Βοσπόρου, καταμεσής της βρομιάς, του καπνού, του θορύβου μιας μεγάλης πόλης, αισθάνεται ότι ακόμη και ανάμεσα στο πλήθος, στην ιστορία, στα κτίρια, μπορεί να μένει μόνος και να είναι ανεξάρτητος.

Frightened and downtrodden for therefore long, there are constructive signs that the Ethiopian individuals are beginning to come back collectively, – peacefully uniting of their anger at the ruling get together: – the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Entrance (EPRDF); a paranoid brutal regime, that suppresses the folks, is guilty of wide-ranging human rights violations, and has systematically inspired ethnic divisions and rivalries.

Sida aad sheegatayna haadii ay cadaato in uu Meles geeriyooday oo ururka TPLF la iman waayo xal waara oo xasiloonida ku soo dabaala waddanka oo sidoodii hore un ku socdaan oo aysan waxba iska badalin, arintaasi waxay ka dhigan tahay maahmaahdii axmaargi ahayd ee dhahaysay – Gulijaa bi lawaawad wot ayaa daafidim – taas oo micnaheedu ka dhiganyahay Dhar dhaarada oo lakala badalaa cuntada gudaha ku jirtaa ma macanayso.

However most primates nonetheless depend upon bushes or cliffs for security. Solely the two most intriguing primate species sleep on the ground-man and gorilla. We shall not focus on these two species in this article and shall cowl them in separate features. For now, we will solely in a position to have a look at the four most typical primates present in East Africa; bush infants, monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees.

Since starting South East Asia DXing, many radio fanatics have contacted me enquiring concerning the e-mail or postal addresses of particular broadcasters. I’ll often observe-up with an answer to their query. In most cases the knowledge is already famous in my blog entries, stating how I contacted and whether or not I QSLed the station. Typically, most stations will reply. In some circumstances, one must be more persistent and resourceful. Others are less responsive, even when I could have reliable contact information.

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