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Esat RadioEthiopian Satellite Tv has introduced the launch of a day by day shortwave radio broadcast to Ethiopia. In the past few weeks, ESAT has efficiently transmitted check broadcasts.

Individuals can solely be trapped under a cloak of suppression for thus long, eventually they have to and will stand up. Throughout the world there’s a motion for change: for freedom, justice and participatory democracy, wherein the 99% have a voice. The current demonstrations in Ethiopia present that the people are ultimately beginning to unite, and are a part of this collective cry.

i can see why zis neftegnas are crying, z only thing zey need is z chief of ethiopia to be from amhara. zey never frightened abt z wellbeing of ethiopia. zey ruled eth over z past 500 hundred years. as such zey make it z poorest nation right here on earth. thanks to meles dedication our nation is developing quick. lengthy reside ethiopia. RIP MELES.

Reception report was emailed to The Voice of Martyrs on the identical day. After a number of comply with-up emails, I acquired this reply on 5 April 2013 promising a letter of verification. With September now approaching the promised QSL has not arrived in the mail, nor has a promised PDF file of the QSL been emailed. In all equity to Pastor Tim Dillmuth, I am aware of two who have received Letters of Verification. True to his word, Pastor Dillmuth emailed a QSL letter in PDF format on thirteen September 2013.

The objective of the conference is to carry collectively totally different political and civic organizations, religious and community leaders, and activists in addition to impartial scholars and professionals to deliberate on the important themes of ways and technique of uniting the Ethiopian democratic forces, defending human rights and defending the lives of the innocent and peaceful Ethiopian individuals, and sustaining the national unity of Ethiopia.

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