Amharic Program Needs To Get It is Act Together

Esat RadioWaxaa socda xidhiidho iyo is-barasho ururada mucaaradka ku ah xukunka Itobiya iyo ururada gobanimadoonka ah, gaar ahaan intii uu ka baxay saaxadda KT Meles Zinawi.

Baboons live in troops ranging from 8 to over 200 animals, however typically common about forty. Troops are likely to avoid one another however may often share sources. Their social organization is very complicated and variable; they are able to show emotion and may communicate motivation. Females stay in the troop, with a reproductive strategy grounded on male supremacy.

Please please simply attempt to converse an honest English. You know studying what you wrote right here unfairly suggests that everyone who supports the gov’t is somewhat silly. And I hate ETV for its bias and for its incompetent reporters and journalists who principally received into journalism as a result of there isn’t a math in it.

Journalists who problem the federal government are intimidated, arrested or pressured abroad. Ethiopia is the fourth most censored nation in the world (after Eritrea, North Korea and Saudi Arabia) based on The Committee to Protect Journalists, and the third worst jailer of journalists on the African continent”. The widely criticized, conveniently imprecise 2009 Anti-Terrorism Proclamation” – used to silence journalists – and The Charities and Societies Proclamation”, make up the government’s precept legislative weapons of suppression, which are wielded without restraint.

Ah..ha…ga… I could not cease laughing. Are you able to learn your message again againyour out of thoughts.meles was reside just for him self focuse on his owin life and as we will see his fellow (Desalegn and Tewodros every factor study from him) did not now find out how to lead individuals and methods to servive in exhausting state of affairs.theyare leadin with trying and error idea. Please accept your minority chief can’t lead as in work together with others. Ethiopia has a lot of genius people.

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