Find out Which One Will Work for You

Looking online for the cost of Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem actually turned up a lot more information about the two diet plans than merely how much I would pay for either one of them. I have a confession to make: I’ve never really gone on a diet before. Despite needing to lose weight for a couple of decades, I’ve never knuckled down and actually tried one of these weight loss systems. I might have skipped a meal here or there, or maybe made a half-hearted effort to cut out sweets, but I never really joined a program to lose the weight.

A recent health scare, related to my weight issues, made me rethink my ideas about diet plans. My problem is that I didn’t know how much they cost. I also didn’t know how they worked, but my main concern at first was the cost. Could I afford to go on one of these plans> Both of these systems send you food in the mail and I thought it could be quite expensive to stay on the plan. I needed to find a site online that explained the cost so I could make a budgeting decision.

Not only did I find a site that explains how much they cost, it goes into great detail about how the plan works and what it does. I ended up going with Nutrisystem because you don’t have to pay any enrollment fees or membership fees. You don’t even have to pay shipping fees! The meals sounded better and frankly the cost difference is huge. Jenny Craig cost more than double a month than what I got with Nutrisystem. If you’re planning to join one of these diet systems, make sure to do your homework. There are a lot of hidden costs you need to consider if you’re on a budget.